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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of increasing a website ranking and hence exposure in the 'organic' or natural search engine results.

This will drive traffic to your website and increase the number of inquiries and sales of your business.

SEO is the most cost effective marketing tool for your business!

It is pointless having a great looking website if nobody visits it or can find it online.

There are various ways of promoting your website, like offline advertising, email marketing, internet marketing and Search Engine Optimization, and social networking.

85 % of web traffic originates in search engines like Google and Yahoo.




R350 p/h


R2500 p/m


R5000 p/m

Search Engine Optimization services:

1. Free SEO analysis and quote

Already have a website but cant find your site in Google or Yahoo? We will do SEO analysis and provide you with a free report and quote to remedy the SEO shortcomings, so that your website gets the exposure it deserves.

2. Keyword research and targeting 

SEO Keyword research is vitally important SEO activity and should be done thoroughly. Keyword research tells us what keywords are being searched in search engines and their search volumes. This helps us to select the best keywords to target, essentially those keywords that best describe your core business services or products.

3. On-page SEO (website SEO)

On-page or website SEO is another important aspect of SEO. This is essential for any website that wants to rank well in search engines for selected keywords and includes things like:

• Does you website have lots of relevant text and resources related to your business area?

• Does your website have the correct keywords in each webpage title and description, as well as all meta tags?

• Making sure all webpage URLs are search engine friendly and contain your selected page keywords

• Making sure that your website is Search Engine Friendly and that search engines can ‘crawl’ or index all its pages.

4. Off-site SEO

Once a website’s on-page SEO is correct, the next step is off-page SEO. Essentially this entails adding links from other websites to your website. Such links are also known as "inbound links". Link popularity is an important search engine ranking factor and essentially the more quality inbound links a website has, the better it will rank.

We offer the following link building services to ensure that your website builds good link popularity and page rank:

• Directory submission - submitting website to online directories

• Link exchange - with relevant and related websites with good page ranks

• Article submissions - writing articles about your services and posting them online

• Social Networking – setting up Facebook and Twitter pages

• Blogging and fresh content – we will setup your own blog. We recommend doing regular posts, 2-3 blog posts a week.
This gives your website fresh content, which acts as link bait to attract web traffic.

5. Link Building

Links to your website from other websites indicate to Google that your website has valuable content. Typically when your site has more links it will be ranked higher in the search results. During your campaign we will be submitting content to hundreds of article directories and blog websites.
We will also be submitting your website to a number of social bookmarking websites. The articles, blogs and social bookmarks will contain links back to your website that will help improve your websites position on the search engines (Google, Yahoo & Bing).

The link building process will occur monthly throughout the duration of the campaign. Newly created links are often not found for a few weeks after they have been created so it will likely be between 2 6 weeks before we notice a change in your rankings. When the search engines find your website has accumulated more links then your competitors for the target keyword phrase(s) it will start to rank highly in the organic search results.

SEO is not an overnight solution and usually takes 3-6 months of ongoing linkbuilding to rank high enough to receive the majority of the available traffic for each keyword phrase. It is recommended that we continue to target each target keyword phrase until we consistently maintain a top page one ranking. Once we achieve a satisfactory ranking we can then begin to target other keyword phrase(s) in place of the initial target phrase(s).

6. Monthly Reporting

We measure the success of the campaign by our ability to improve your websites position in the search engine results for the target keyword phrase(s).

Each week we will be recording where your website appears in the search engine results for the keyword phrase(s) were targeting. This ranking data will be available via the portal so you can monitor the progress of the campaign.

We will be monitoring the first hundred results of the 3 major search engines: Google, Yahoo and Bing. If your website is listed outside of these results no data will display in your reporting. Our reporting will continue throughout the duration of the campaign.

7. Website analytics and tracking

Website analytics provide us with rich data on:

• How many 'hits' or visits a given website gets

• Which pages a user visited

• How long users spend on a website

• And which keywords they used to reach the website.

This data allows us to examine how users use search engines and shape our SEO efforts to better reach our target market.

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